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Díaz de Vega, S. C.

About us

The foundation of Agency Díaz de Vega S.C. takes place in the year 1987 in the city and port of Veracruz and was created with the purpose of giving serve within all aspects of foreign trade. The founder and title holder of the patent, A. A. Alfonso Díaz de Vega has over 30 years of experience in the field.
Since the beginning we have looked to offer quality service, constantly looking to better our services and therefore always be on forefront of any innovation. Our success has come from our personalized and superior service to our clients.

Our mission is to offer a vital service in foreign trade, and the best of sea and inland logistics, satisfying all of our client´s needs through a committed staff and an efficient platform for our recourses, achieving a conjoint progress.

Our vision is to place ourselves as the best customs agency in the market, offering a quality customs services required by our clients through collaboration of our experienced personal, specializing on each of their areas, emphasizing efficiency and honesty than will eventually lead to a continuous improvement linked to our clients.


In Diaz de Vega S. C., we care about our clients, that is why we offer various services with the sole purpose of adapting to their needs. Our aim is to provide solutions that optimize your operation, either for the introduction of goods into the country of for the extraction of them.


Is your first time that import?

It is required to be registered in the list of importers and, where appropriate, in the list of importers of specific sectors, this depends on the merchandise to be imported, so it is recommended to contact us before starting the process.

  1. Inscripción de importadores y/o padrón de importadores de sectores específicos.
  2. Solicitud de Inscripción al padrón de importadores y/o a padrón de importadores de sectores específicos.
  3. Encargo conferido al Agente Aduanal para realizar operaciones de comercio exterior y la revocación del mismo.

I´ve imported before

It is required to present the format of the conferred order.

  1. Encargo Conferido.
  2. Encargo conferido al agente aduanal para realizar operaciones de comercio exterior y la revocación del mismo.